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This special limited edition card pack will include the personal profiles of Hall of Famers who brought honor to our country.

Every generation has examples that showcase the best of us with regards to selfless acts, dedications to causes and unparalleled passion to serve. We recognize a small group of individuals that dedicated their lives to the love of country and stepped away from the game they loved to protect the freedom and liberty for all of us. The 40 we recognize serve as examples that help us educate the next generation.  

We highlight these individuals not for their actions on the baseball field, but for the characteristics and ideals that make our country a shining example of what great legends are all about. 

Reserve today.

Yes, I would like to reserve my limited edition set of the NEW Hall of Fame Military cards.

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No obligation, this is an advance reservation. 

You will be contacted when the cards are  in production.

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