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Blazine Monaco

Director of Development


About the program

The Champions of Valor Program was designed to instill the values of service, sacrifice, citizenship, and legacy in today’s youth. These 4 Educational Pillars of The Bob Feller Act of Valor Foundation reflect the traits of a historical and extraordinary group of 40 individuals who put their passion and Major League Baseball careers on hold to bravely serve our country during the start of WWII.

"Champions of Valor" is a phrase that encapsulates the essence of individuals who exemplify the highest ideals of service, sacrifice, legacy, and citizenship. It represents a profound commitment to principles that not only uplift the individual but also contribute significantly to the betterment of society.

The Champions of Valor Program employs evidence-based theories that have been successfully used in Character Education, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse. These theories focus on youth character development and utilize effective methods such as role models, interactive activities, and historical biographies to instill character traits. Using four sessions to highlight the 4 Educational Pillars detailed in this guide, preteens, and teens will understand service, sacrifice, citizenship, and legacy and be encouraged to reflect these attributes in their daily lives. By developing a thought process outside one’s self to the greater good of the community and nation, young individuals become more aware of their roles as responsible citizens and active contributors to a better world. The program provides past and present role models to emulate among age groups who strive to develop a sense of identity and purpose and make decisions regarding their future life paths. 

Week 1 images from the pilot program

Week 2 images from the pilot program

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