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Hall of Fame Military Spotlight Series: Bob Lemon

Bob Lemon is honored for his time in the United States Navy as a Seaman during World War II and the values he lived by.

In 1938, Lemon was signed by the Cleveland Indians and played in their minor league system before joining the Navy in 1943. He served the first two years at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station in California.

In 1945, he was sent to the Aiea Barracks in Hawaii, resumed playing baseball, and switched his position from infielder to pitcher. This would later prove to be a good move and would greatly impact the future of his career in the Major Leagues.

Returning to professional baseball in 1946, he became a relief pitcher before becoming a starter in 1948, when he was joined by an impressive starting rotation that included Bob Feller, Early Wynn, and Mike Garcia.

Lemon retired in 1958, with seven impressive 20-win seasons, two World Series titles, and All-Star titles from 1948-1954.

After leaving the majors, he went on to play in the Pacific Coast League for the San Diego Padres. Bob went on to manage the Royals, White Sox, and the Yankees, before becoming a scout for the Yankees.

Lemon was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976. The Foundation recognizes him for his values and character, as well as the sacrifices he made for the United States Navy and his country.



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