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What is the unit all about

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Join the Act of Valor Foundation on our journey across America educating the younger generation at Major and Minor league Ballparks, Little Leagues and Museums and other special places where we tell  the story of the 39 WWII Hall of Fame Baseball Players who served our  country. Some events may include Hall of Famers who have been at  numerous events supporting the foundation.


Highlighting the past to provide guidance and inspiration to communicate the accomplishments and service of  the 39 Baseball Hall of Fame Members and more than 500 Major League Baseball players served in World War II.

16 served in the Navy

12 served in the Army

6 served in the US Army Air Force

4 served in US Marine Corps

1 served in the Coast Guard

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The 4 Pillars Educational track


The four pillars are: Citizenship, Service, Sacrifice and Legacy. These four pillars specifically address or cross-educate the following primary audiences:


 Youth, CPO (USN) and MLB, with an understanding the educational program reaches all audiences, all ages.

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Utilizing a 4-pillar approach to the foundation’s educational vision we use the Bob Feller story to educate about the lessons of citizenship, service to one’s country, and sacrifice in times of great national need. We promote and teach the legacy of the greatest generation to the youngest generation by encouraging and promoting the virtues of service to others.

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The Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation partners with Chief Petty Officer Associations worldwide, hosts a recognition ceremony aboard the USS Alabama, supports visiting Sailors during the annual Fleet Week in New York City and the presents the annual Bob Feller Act of Valor Award recognizing a Chief Petty Officer (CPO) and the Junior Sailor Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Chapter of the year.

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The Foundation and its programs enjoy a unique relationship and strong support from the US Navy. Active Duty Navy Officers serve as Navy Liaisons to the foundation. In addition, retired Admirals and Fleet Master Chief Petty Officers. Also numerous other active and retired Military personnel serve on the Foundation’s Board of Advisors and Board of Directors.

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