Bob Feller Act of Valor Internship Opportunity

The Bob Feller Act of Valor Foundation, through the unique intersection of Major League Baseball led by the Cleveland Indians and the Department of the United States Navy which includes the United States Marine Corps, recognizes and honors those who support our service men and women with the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award. The Foundation uses the Bob Feller story to educate the youth of today on the lessons of citizenship, service to one’s country, and sacrifice in times of great national need. The main goal of the foundation is teaching the legacy of the greatest generation to the youngest generation that will help instill in them the virtues of service to others.

The Bob Feller Act of Valor Foundation is currently seeking interns who are looking to be leaders to assist in accomplishing our mission.

The intern and the program will be exposed to marketing and communications, public relations, baseball operations, fundraising and business development, along with a better and stronger understanding of military study, both past and present, including working with Public Affairs from all branches in help supporting our military children as part of our “essay contest”. Finally, there will be research and educational innovation to complement the analytics. This position will help the person develop in all key aspects of how a non-profit foundation operates and will learn to communicate through a project management tool called “basecamp”.

The young person will work within our foundation that is closely affiliated with MLB and the Navy and Marine Corps and will have the opportunity to be present in a very professional atmosphere. This unique internship will work under the direction of Executive Director Peter Fertig, but will have a distinct list of duties for the internship outlined below and led by John Monaco.

A highly motivated individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills is desired.

There are three very important assurances needed from the foundation to the intern before they are to be considered with us:

  1. The intern must understand that they are joining and representing a foundation that honors and holds the Legacy of the 37 Baseball Hall of Famers who served during WWII, MLB and the Department of the Navy and Marine Corps, and that in joining our organization (through this internship program) they promise and pledge to be an upstanding citizen while spending time with us and representing the foundation.
  2. The intern must commit to spending 360 hours over a twelve week period (30hr/week) to the foundation with duties listed below. (Specific to Ohio University)
  3. Finally the student will draft a “White Paper” to be shared with the foundation and the university as the  (purpose of the internship is _______; expected outcome is _________; intern will provide following thoughts (and more importantly suggestions) at the end ___________; board and university will evaluate on ________ criteria)

A white paper is an informational document issued by the intern to our foundation to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product or service. White papers are sales and marketing documents used to entice or persuade potential customers (or in this case the foundation and university) to learn more about our service, technology or methodology. The paper must be a minimum of how long the intern serves the foundation for. If the intern serves for 12 weeks there should be a 12 page document sharing the experience of those12 weeks.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Communications & Public Relations
    • Web Design and Content Updates
    • Social Media Oversight
    • Assist with Press Releases
    • Help Develop and Maintain marketing materials including print media and branded items
    • Make Connections with local and national media to bring attention to Foundation, events, nominees and awardees
  • Baseball Operations
    • Connect with Teams to promote organization and assist in the nomination process
    • Help build relationships with Leadership of MLBPA and League Office to promote cooperation and endorsement of the Foundation’s efforts
    • Work with Nominees to ensure they are kept abreast of the nomination and award process
    • Help organize appearances by the Foundation at various Baseball events, including on-field Ceremony’s
    • Assist as Liaison to coordinate player appearances for award ceremony and other events
    • Learn about the 37 HOF’s who served WWII and be able to spread this knowledge
    • Engage Local Little Leagues and teams and interscholastic programs including public, private and charter schools about the WWII HOF’s
    • Begin a Research campaign with our educational chair on all MLB players who help the military
  • Fund-Raising/Business Development
    • Connect with local organizations and businesses who may be interested in providing financial support to the organization and its goals and projects
    • Identify key decision makers in the marketing and public relations fields at this organization for further development by Foundation Personnel
    • Assist in on-boarding of potential sponsors and act as local representative for the Foundation
  • Research Assistant/Educational Innovation
    • Support Foundation personnel in developing biographical and historic information regarding nominees, Hall of Famers, and other persons of interest
    • Provide content and information for Website, Social Media, and other marketing and promotional material
    • Work with partner organizations to develop a comprehensive database of material covering nominees, Hall of Famers, and other persons of interest
    • Work with Local Organizations (VFW, American Legion, Little League, etc.) to identify and develop potential partnerships and joint-projects beneficial to each organization, their missions, and constituents
    • Work within the local school system to strategize and develop a curriculum and implement our program for the middle and high school to utilize the information on our website to help “tell the story of the 37 Hall of Famers” that served during WWII.

If interested in this internship opportunity, please send a cover letter and resume to with the subject heading “Bob Feller”. 

Or contact us here.