Board of Directors – Peter Fertig

Peter Fertig BW

Peter Fertig

Creator of the Bob Feller Act of
Valor Award

Sales Manager and Account Strategist;
ADP New York, NY

As an author and a poet, as well as a businessman, Peter is a President’s Club Award Winner (14 consecutive years) working for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) in the Long Island Community. He specializes in the CPA community. Peter has previously done work with St. John’s University, The Baseball Hall of Fame, and The New York Yankees after they won their World Series in 1996.

He has co-authored a children’s baseball book based off the old famous poem ‘Casey at The Bat’. The book, called “The Deal is on Strike Three”, has a foreword by Mr. Tom Seaver, a Baseball Hall of Famer and former pitcher for the 1969 World Series Champion New York Mets, and an introduction by legendary pitcher Mr. Bob Feller, one of the greatest pitchers to ever grace the diamond. Last of all, contributing to his book is Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. His “final thoughts” on the book have helped propel the book to a new level. All of these special and wonderful Hall of Famers contributed to the book asking for no compensation, they did so, because they believed the tremendous values the book espouses.

Mr. Feller, a World War II Navy Veteran, was one of Peter’s heroes not because he was one of the best pitchers in the 20th century, but because of what he gave up to defend this country in an uncertain time in our history. Peter did several book signings with Mr. Feller at the Baseball Hall of Fame before his unfortunate passing in 2010.

After the passing of Mr. Feller, Peter created “The Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation” with the blessing of his widow, Mrs. Anne Feller. He did so as a sincere gesture for his contribution to Fertig’s book. With Mrs. Feller’s help, Peter was able to secure the support of MLB, The Baseball Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Indians, and the USS Alabama, the ship where Feller was stationed in World War II. The final result was making this an official Naval Award through the United States Navy.

In 2015, at the request of the Secretary of the Navy, The Honorable Ray Mabus, Fertig and the Act of Valor Award Foundation were asked to support a Marine component of the Award under the auspice of the foundation. In July of 2015, at the induction ceremony in Cooperstown NY, the Secretary of the Navy announced the Marine component of the Award for Mr. Jerry Coleman.

Peter has had the honor and the privilege to lead Team 19, a wonderful compilation of decision-making Navy and Marine personnel, baseball executives from all over the country, and influential business leaders with one goal in mind: to help make our country stronger. Our strategy is to educate the younger generation about the honor, courage and commitment of the greatest generation, as exemplified and led by Bob Feller and the 37 Hall of Famers who served during World War II. It is up to us to tell their story.

The team’s four pillar approach is multi-faceted as we work closely on many events to help educate and stimulate discussion for the general public. Our events in our “Walk of Heroes” have included The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, Fleet Week in NYC, and The Run with the Chiefs in Norfolk, Virginia, as well as supporting MLB with on-field ceremonies with the goal of recognizing current MLB players who strongly support our military. We conclude our year with our signature event at the U.S. Navy Memorial to honor our MLB representative, a Naval Chief Petty Officer, a United States Marine, and a Baseball Hall of Famer. The Secretary of the Navy, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps have all supported our event over the last three years.

The Foundation has honored Justin Verlander (MLB), Nick Swisher (MLB), Jonathan Lucroy(MLB), Garth Sinclair (USN), Carl Thompson(USN), Genell Cody (USN), Rene Segura (USMC), Yogi Berra (HOF), Tommy Lasorda(HOF) and George Brett(HOF).

The ongoing goal of the Foundation is to continue to press forward recognizing the incredible work done by those individuals who support our country and those in the military.

Peter and his beautiful wife, Kelly, have been married for 26 years and live in Sound Beach, Long Island. They have four incredible children; Matthew, Jacqueline, Jordan and Tyler.