Board of Directors – Julia M. Payne




Julia M. Payne

Senior Advisor, Maroon PR

Julia M. Payne has 25 years of public relations experience at the highest levels of political, private and philanthropic sectors. From the White House to the National Football League to Fortune 100 companies, Julia’s vast experience has equipped her to handle any communications challenge in any industry. Her expertise and reputation in the field are such that national political and industry leaders constantly seek her advice out.

Currently, Julia serves as a Senior Advisor to Maroon PR, a full service public relations and marketing agency whose clients include regional and national brands in sports, retail, non-profit, hospitality and entertainment, and lifestyle and recreation sectors. Julia directs the firm’s biggest public affairs and public relations campaign.

As the former senior vice president at The Walker Marchant Group, Julia’s areas of expertise, including running the firm, were planning and implementing multi-level, multi platform strategic communications campaigns for companies and non-profits. She also directed, created and provided strategic counsel, public relations, public affairs, crisis communications and media relations’ strategies to all the firm’s clients.

Julia has also served as the vice president of communications for the Washington Redskins. In making this initial leap from politics to professional sports, Julia applied her communications skills, honed during her years in public service, to the world of professional sports, which often requires the same delicacy and precision. During her tenure with the Redskins, a team that had previously struggled with public relations, Julia quickly garnered a favorable response from the players, the coaches, and the media.

At the end of President Clinton’s second term, Julia continued to work for the former president, becoming the director of communications for the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation. During the Clinton Administration, Julia served as an assistant press secretary to President Clinton and as a deputy press secretary to Vice President Gore. During her time at the White House, she traveled to six continents, 50 countries, and 48 states, and on three presidential
campaigns, including the 2000 campaign.

Julia was also the Director of Communications for the Alliance for Climate Protection (ACP) that was founded by former Vice President Al Gore. While there, she successfully led the development and implementation of ACP’s communication strategy and the Repower America campaign at both the national and local levels.

She is a graduate of Randolph Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA. Julia currently serves on the First Tee of Greater Washington Board and Executive Committee as its Communications Chair as well as an advisor to the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation.