2019 Nominee – Byron Buxton

Outfielder, Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins Baseball Club is honored to nominate Byron Buxton for the 2019 Bob Feller Act of Valor Award. In addition to his remarkable performance as a Minnesota Twins outfielder, Byron has used his platform to support military service members and their families throughout Twins Territory.

Byron has demonstrated exemplary on-field performance since making his Major League debut with the Minnesota Twins in 2015. Byron stands out for his baserunning speed, leading the MLB in sprint speed for three consecutive seasons and achieving the fastest inside-the-park home run ever recorded. Byron has also received league honors for his defensive performance including the 2017 Wilson Platinum Glove Award, for which he earned fans’ votes as the overall best defensive player in the American League.

Beyond his performance on the field, Byron has been a leader in the Twins community for his outreach to those who serve our country. Byron’s older brother, Felton, serves in the U.S. Navy, so Byron understands and values the sacrifices that military service members and their families make. Byron and his wife, Lindsey, continually seek new ways to provide memorable opportunities for military families and thank them for their service, like inviting members of the Minnesota National Guard to play catch on the field. Byron has expanded his support this season, pledging to donate $100 per Twins win to the Minnesota Military Family Foundation as part of the team’s All Win giving campaign. This season Byron also initiated his Buxton’s Battalion program, inviting families of service members to Target Field every Tuesday for a special batting practice viewing session, a meet and greet, and tickets to that evening’s game.

Through everything he does on and off the field, Byron exemplifies the values that the Navy is founded on: honor, courage, and commitment. His dedication to honoring and serving military families across Twins Territory makes Byron our nominee for the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award.